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 Positioning Student-Athletes 

To Thrive in College

Parents, chances are you’ve already searched for answers to your questions about your child playing college sports. Maybe you’ve attended college advising sessions, signed up for an online recruiting service or even tried to implement the (sometimes contradictory) wisdom of your child’s private or club coaches.

The endless stream of advice, online databases and scouting services are overwhelming.

To whom do you listen?
What piece of advice do you take to heart?
How do you avoid missing out on an opportunity?
What do you do next?


I am Coach Amy Bryant, an 18 – time NCAA National Championship coach and Student-Athlete Recruiting Advisor who helps high school student-athletes navigate the college search, athletics recruiting and admissions process. I believe every student-athlete is unique and requires an individualized plan to find the best college match.

Today’s climate of youth sports pushes student-athletes to do two things: get noticed by coaches and commit early. This pressure to rush the process can cloud a student’s judgment and lead him/her to choose a program based on its name or reputation. However, the reality is that every student-athlete has individual strengths and goals that need to be examined before it is possible to optimally match to a college sports program.  Thus, it is important that student-athletes develop an individual awareness of what it really means to be a college student-athlete. This way, student-athletes can use their internal voice to filter the noise throughout the process and understand which teams and programs best fit their ideal vision of the college experience.

Parents, does this sound like you?


  • Your child wants to play sports in college but you don’t know where to begin.
  • Your child hasn’t heard from any coaches yet. You’re worried that none are interested.
  • Your child wasn’t a “standout” in high school. You’re not sure if it’s even possible for him/her to play sports in college.
  • Your child wants to take his/her game to the next level in college. You’re not sure which programs, in which divisions will provide support to that end.
  • Your child wants to play sports in college, but you’re not sure if he/she will be able to balance academics at the same time.
  • You keep hearing from friends about their children’s college options, and it’s making you wonder if you’re doing everything you should be doing for your child.
I can help.


-Michelle Satterfield – 2 Time NCAA Team Champion, All-American, Conference Rookie of the Year, Team Captain. Currently: South Account Development Regional Lead for Mulesoft, A Salesforce Company.

I can help

Decrease the anxiety inherent to the college search process.
Overcome insecurity about a student-Athlete’s place in college sports.
Target schools and programs within a student-athlete’s academic and athletic talent range.
Enhance knowledge about college Admissions, The recruiting process and recruiting etiquette.
Boost desirability to college coaches and admissions offices.
Identify college team cultures and coaching styles.

Amy Bryant coaches you to be your best both on and off the playing field and doesn’t let you settle for second-best.

-Anna Fuhr – NCAA Team Champion, All-American, Team Captain.
Currently Talent Acquisition at Boston Consulting Group

co of –


Schedule a 15-minute introductory call to determine if my coaching is the right fit for you and when is the best time to start!

 I am a mentor, coach and education consultant who guides high school student-athletes through the college recruiting and admissions process.  My goal is to position every student-athlete I work with for success in college. It is important to note that I am not a recruiting or scouting service; I am completely independent and therefore truly have the student-athlete’s best interests at heart.




The most accomplished college student-athletes are grounded by a personal student-athlete philosophy. What does being a student- athlete mean to you? Download my free worksheet and take the first step toward finding out.


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