Amy Bryant coaching a coach

I help athletic coaches build better teams and better careers.

I provide the same executive coaching that helps C-Suite executives across the country set and achieve their goals. In my athletic coaching, I listen, ask follow-up questions, and provide little tips from my hard-won experience as a 23-year college coach. Some of the more common discussion topics include building team culture and dealing with college coaching pressures from problem players or parents to administrators.

Executive Coaching COMPONENTS:

Building and Sustaining positive team culture

Improving operational effeciencies

Preparing for next level advancement

Managing external influences and internal dynamics

Balancing Work-life Demands

Amy Understands the constantly changing demands of coaching and possesses a unique ability to solve challenges and build successful team culture. I value her Mentorship and experience – and highly recommend her for any coach looking to improve.

– Taka Bertrand, Head Women’s Tennis Coach, Middlebury.

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